Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

Un Món d’Amanides is a restaurant in Barcelona that will allow you to eat healthy, fresh, proximity product, and a lot of taste and colour!

One of the things that we have taken more carefully when it comes to creating A Món d’Amanides is the menu. It is precisely what differentiates our establishment from any other, and we also wanted to offer enough options without going crazy.

Our star product is salads, I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone. Custom salads, which you can compose yourself, mixing the colors as if it were paint. We start with a base (or two combined, if you prefer), a premium ingredient from more than 10 options and four basic ingredients, from over 50! And you can add extra ingredients if you want. And the sauce, with innovative homemade vinaigrettes as well as those of a lifetime. And the final decision, chop or not? Because nobody like you knows what you like.

If you want something different, you want to grab it with your hands and bite but without leaving aside the healthy side: our salad wraps. Salads rolled in wheat tortillas, spinach or tomato. Delicious, a new way to eat salads that will captivate you. Salad (or salad wrap) with a drink and dessert: the best option for a light, healthy, fast and fresh meal. What we most fancy and sure you too.

During the last months we have been researching and experimenting, with trips included, to bring you the most interesting ingredients and the best combinations. Following the scientific method we have tried and tested until completely satisfied with a selection of 8 salads inspired by 8 very different cities. We want to transport you to these corners of the world, traveling through the senses. And with more trips to come…

A selection of sandwiches, for those who prefer something else but without leaving behind the idea of ​​a healthy and light meal. And creams, ask about the specialty of the day, spoon comes back stronger than ever!

And do not forget about drinking healthy: our cold press juices, with 8 options that will keep changing to always include the best seasonal fruit, and a daily selection of ice teas, without sugar but a lot of taste, to get you refreshed the best possible way.

All this and more in Un Món d’Amanides, in Les Corts district, really close to you!

 See you soon!