We travel to JAPAN!

We travel to JAPAN!
We unveil the surprise! Our first trip in Un Món d’Amanides is to Japan (日本).
Japan is an archipelago made up of 6,852 islands. The name of Japan means “the country of the rising sun”, as it is one of the first countries where it dawns due to its situation in East Asia. Country of contrasts, where tradition coexists with worldwide cutting-edge technology.
The diet in Japan is based mainly on the consumption of rice and vegetables. They also take many soups, but not as a starter or first course, but in the last place, to improve digestion. The highest life expectancy in the world is theirs with 83.9 years, with Spain very close with 83 years.
We have some new ingredients from today:
– A base of warm brown rice, for your warm bowls, a very good alternative to salads in the coldest days
– New premium ingredients: breaded chicken and mix of seaweed
– A new basic ingredient, a topping: sesame
– And a new sauce: teriyaki
Our new specialty, which adds to the 8 we already offer: the Tokyo Bowl. A delicious warm bowl of brown rice, with our new ingredients, breaded chicken, mix of seaweed and sesame, as well as carrot, cucumber and radish, seasoned with the new teriyaki sauce.
And to make it a complete menu: Combo Japó. Add to your Tokyo Bowl a miso soup, a drink and for dessert a matcha yogurt. Matcha tea is a green tea, antioxidant and tasty!
We are waiting for you to immerse yourself with us on a trip to the Far East. Travel to Japan without leaving Barcelona from Un Món d’Amanides.

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