Something hot

Something hot
The cold has arrived! This year took longer, we have been in November still in short sleeves, but it is finally here. And you want something hot, right?
From this week we offer in Un Món d’Amanides homemade creams and soups, different varieties that will be rotating throughout the week. Made by ourselves with the same quality ingredients that we use for our salads, you will notice the difference. For just € 2.40, come and try them!
And more news! An alternative to salads for those with the cold in the body, our bowls tempered. Choose one of our hot bases: brown rice, quinoa, or a combination of both, and add the ingredients of your choice, from € 5’90.
Don’t let anything to stop you from eating healthy and delicious! See you at Un Món d’Amanides.
And soon, with all of you, our new specialty… Stay tuned for our news.

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