New juices menu

New juices menu
Soon we saw that our initial juices menu, with three options, fell short for the desire you had to drink healthy. After the summer season we decided to return to the test table and define a whole new range of flavors, but always respecting our two pillars:
– Only fresh fruit, nothing frozen or powdered
– Seasonal product and proximity
This means that the menu is not immovable, or perpetual, but will evolve according to the fruit and vegetables available at each time of the year. We are also completely open to listen to your suggestions, if there is a particular combination that interests you, let us know! Either in person, via mail or with a comment here or on social networks.
And without waiting any longer, here is our juice menu for the Fall / Winter 2017 season of Un Món d’Amanides, inspired by islands around the world. Try them all and choose your favorite!

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