Don’t forget your passport

Don’t forget your passport
Something that has given us a lot of satisfaction during these first months has been to see that the one that try us, repeats. Our salads, wraps and warm bowls hook, and you stop settling for what was once enough for you. So we have a large number of regular customers. To all of you, thank you for choosing us!
And we want to reward your fidelity. From December we began the distribution of our “Un Món d’Amanides Passport” among our clients. Always take it with you when you come to see us and get a stamp for each salad or bowl you order. When you have 10 stamps, fill out your passport with your information, choose one of our specialties or prepare your own basic salad or warm bowl, and take it for free!
So from tomorrow, December 1, pick up yours when you come to visit us, and in the same way that when you travel, do not forget your passport when you come to Un Món d’Amanides!

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